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 Okay, let’s explore your tobacco use. You will want to have journal handy. Here are some areas for you to examine.

·         How did you start using tobacco products?  Was it bet? Was it to fit in? My guess is that the first time you used tobacco you weren’t craving it and you didn’t buy it. Something or someone motivated you to try it. What or who was it? The answer to this question is something that you will want to be mindful of; especially after you have quit.

·         When do you use tobacco?  What time of day? Monday – Friday? Weekends?

·         Where do you use tobacco?

·         Are you alone or with other people.

·         What’s your mood?

·         Average usage per day

If you’re going change this behavior, you need to fully understand it. Write down everything that you learn about your tobacco use habits. While performing this exercise, start thinking of alternatives. For example, if you realize that every morning you make sure that you have a few minutes before getting into your car to drive to work to have a cigarette, you might consider leaving a few minutes earlier or meditating during that time.  At this point, you are only writing down your alternatives. Do this for a week then review your results.